Paul J. Donoghue and Mary E. Siegel: Are You Really Listening?

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Are You Really Listening?

Keys to Successful Communication

Paul J. Donoghue, PhD, and Mary E. Siegel, PhD. 

[Description from Publisher]  Listening is an essential skill worth every effort to learn and to master. Listening takes us out of our tendency toward self-absorption and self-protection. It opens us to the world around us and to the persons who matter most to us. When we listen, we learn, we grow, and we are nourished.

Why do we often feel cut off when speaking to the people closest to us? What is it that keeps so many of us from really listening? Practicing psychotherapists, Donoghue and Siegel answer these questions and more in this thoughtful, witty, and helpful look at the reasons why people don’t listen. Filled with vivid examples that clearly demonstrate easy-to-learn listening techniques, Are You Really Listening? is a guide to the secrets and joys of listening and being listened to.

[Review from] Enjoyably readable, both practical and profound, this book hits all the right notes. As a clinical psychologist I found it so helpful, both in anchoring my approach to clients and in my being able to recommend it to them to help improve, often to rescue, their most important relationships.
In a compact presentation, with a wide array of engaging stories, the authors engender the necessary self-awareness of nonlistening behaviors, practiced with automatic ease even by those who see themselves as good listeners. This discussion lays the groundwork for the presentation of clear steps to skillful listening. In perhaps the greatest service, the authors suffuse this book with the essential spirit and meaning of listening–a vital human act of connecting with another person–for the sake of effectiveness, and for the sake of love.

About the Authors:

Paul J. Donoghue, PhD, and Mary E. Siegel, PhD, are psychologists in private practice in Stamford, Connecticut. They are also consultants to corporations and organizations in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Their work has been featured on the Today Show, CNBC, Good Day New York, and in the New York Times. They are the best-selling authors of Sick and Tired of Feeling Sick and Tired and have coauthored more than fifty magazine and journal articles on issues related to chronic illness, communication skills, and family dynamics.


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