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L’Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self
Transformational Teachings
from Psychosynthesis and
A Course in Miracles

by Olivia De Gage

This book is a celebration of life, life in spite of the obstacles of childhood abuse, neglect, confusion and poor self esteem. What Joseph Campbell might term “the heroine’s journey,” this true story describes the encounter of the multi-faceted sides of “self” in one young woman’s search for the “right to exist.” The story tells of trauma and lifelong, repressed pain, but most importantly reveals a story of transformation, courage, perseverance and acceptance.

Ms. De Gage’s life story demonstrates how the tools of Roberto Assagioli’s psychosynthesis, as well as the teachings of A Course in Miracles, helped her to encounter and reclaim her own Self, and her link to the essence of Love, Universal Love. She explains, that as we awaken to our true Selves, understanding that our lives are lessons in the classroom of life, we realize that life is about forgiveness. No matter what life has dealt us in terms of challenges and difficulties…“unfairness,” we alone decide the time to free ourselves from the infernal prison of hatred, abuse, projection and violence to allow forgiveness and love into our lives. The decision is ours.

L’Amour Déraisonné: Reclaiming Self is a story of an interior journey that invites us to open the neglected or forgotten door within our minds, take a deep breath, and look within; the journey to our own true Self is just beginning.


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