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The Work that Reconnects — 2 DVD Set
Joanna Macy Workshops for Trainers


This two-DVD set, which you may view in low resolution on the www.TurnTowardLife.TV web site, presents the teachings and methods of The Work That Reconnects, empowering people to respond with truth and creativity to the overwhelming social and ecological crises facing our planet.
A powerful visual tool building on Joanna Macy's book Coming Back to Life, this valuable resource is a light in the political darkness of our time. The lively, personal presentation of Joanna's work will appeal to workshop facilitators and participants alike, as well as anyone with an interest in personal transformation.

Joanna Macy has developed an international following over the course of 40 years as a speaker, author of many books, and workshop leader on Buddhist philosophy and the deep ecology movement. For a full list of her books and recordings, please click here.



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