Molly Young Brown & Carolyn Wilbur Treadway: Held in Love

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Held in Love
Life Stories to Inspire Us Through Times of Change

Edited by Molly Young Brown and Carolyn Wilbur Treadway

From the Editors:

I had a powerful awakening experience over 20 years ago, when I felt held in love by a strong spiritual Presence.  I told the story many times, believing that one day I should collect similar stories and put them together in a book.  Then two and a half years ago, while recovering from surgery, I realized it was high time to get started.  This book is the result.

While I was collecting stories, I became acquainted with Carolyn Treadway via Internet and phone, and felt a strong intuitive urge to ask her to co-edit the book—which I did.  Good choice!  Carolyn has been a fantastic partner in this endeavor, recruiting more than half of our 72 contributors, contributing several stories, poems, and photographs herself, and wielding a skillful editorial pencil.  And although we have not yet met in person, we have become close friends.

Carolyn and I divided the book into three sections: Awakening Within, Awakening in Relationship, and Awakening in Community. Over 100 stories, poems, and images tell of contributors’ experiences of connection with a loving Source within and beyond themselves—in times of hardship or unexpected grace, alone, in nature, or with others.  These writings and images offer examples of the ways Love can guide and sustain us through the challenges of The Great Turning.

Take a look at this book—it is such a beautiful testimony to the power of love in our lives.  You can “Search-Inside” on Amazon, if you want to get a taste of it.  Held in Love will make a wonderful holiday gift.

Testimonials received from readers since publication:

“Molly’s newest book with Carolyn Treadway Held in Love is a MUST have. It’s a profoundly touching, meaningful, necessary book! Superb work Ladies! Lots of love and admiration!”

“Bravo!  Gratitude abounds to you both for such a beautiful and moving creation.” 

“There are so many wonderful things in Held in Love! I just dip in every once in a while and find something else sustaining… You have put together a treasure chest of love and goodness.”

“The stories are so very rich and carry the essence of the work of bringing heart to life. Truly a lovely book.”

Pre-publication endorsements:

Here in many voices, forms, and stories we encounter afresh the mystery at the core of our existence—the mystery we belong to and essentially are. This beautiful, humble, and amazing book sings my heart and mind awake. ~ Joanna Macy, author of World as Lover, World as Self.

We are all nourished by stories, particularly by those that inspire and empower us. This book offers a rich feast of just such stories, affirming over and over that we are indeed loved and we are never alone. Reading them was a delight, like hearing once again love letters from the soul in each of us. I recommend it. ~ David Spangler, spiritual teacher, Lorian Association.

This book is a gift from the heart—to the reader’s heart. Personal stories, amplified by poetry and photography, awaken us to the power of love, and the experience of numinous powers beyond the individual ego. In an era of cataclysmic change, this book offers insight, wisdom, and hope for each of us, and for healing our planet. It is a resource rich in soul. ~ Meg Wilbur, Jungian analyst, Vice President of the CG Jung Study Center of Southern California, teacher with internationally known Jungian analyst Marion Woodman.

This is a most wonderful book and so needed at this time! The selections generate such a strong “field” of faith that we are indeed held in a loving Universe, no matter the circumstances, and that we can awaken to this fact and live it. I am very grateful to be part of this community of writers who testify with their experience and creativity to the omnipresence of love within, between, and around us and the process of awakening to it.  ~ Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D., writer and artist.

This is a book you will not want to put down, and a contribution to the betterment of humankind. If you are in despair over the lack of love you see around you and within you, here are stories filled with divine hope. If you are in despair over the immediate threats to Mother Earth and her myriad creatures and peoples, here are stories of possibility and inspiration. If you are in despair over the lack of community and human kindness in our world, here are stories of our interconnectedness and common joy. Come to this well of flowing water, drink your fill, and be held in Love. ~ Rev. Emily Haight, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, Diplomate, American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

We are each uniquely who we are by virtue of our relationships to everything else, including to the mysterious totality that holds everything. Not only are we not alone, we are in an intimate dance with all things, a dance that defines us and supports us. In this wonderful collection, Molly and Carolyn have gathered from a host of colleagues poignant stories and poems describing how people discover, often unexpectedly and astonishingly, their full belonging to Earth, Universe, Mystery, Community, or Self.        Bill Plotkin, Ph.D., author of Soulcraft and Nature and the Human Soul.


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